13 Smartphone Facts Even the Youngest Generation Doesn’t Know

Smartphones have long been a part of our everyday lives. But have you ever wondered how much you actually don't know about your phone and its history? Do you know, for example, the name of the most expensive smartphone in the world? Do you know why phones only have female voices? Do you know if a smartphone can really explode? Or how to tell if your phone waterproof? By the way, do you use your phone on a plane? When they had just begun to be sold in stores, lots of experts worried that the radio signal in a phone could disrupt the electronics of an aircraft. No one’s sure if this has ever really happened on a flight, though. So why are there still restrictions on using phones inside airplanes? In short, as mentioned in the title, we are going to talk about some cool facts about smartphones. #brightside EPISODES:
Why do phones only have female voices? 00:00
What makes your phone vibrate? 0:48
How does voice recognition work? 1:22
Why shouldn’t you fully charge your phone? 1:58
How do phones affect our vision? 2:42
How can your phone's wallpaper save you battery? 3:18
What is phantom vibration syndrome? 3:53
Why couldn’t we use phones on airplanes in the past? 4:31
Can a smartphone really explode? 5:17
How can you protect your phone from hackers? 5:52
Why don't you need to close your apps to save battery? 6:31
What’s the most expensive smartphone in the world? 6:53
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