20 Hidden Uses of Everyday Objects

Many objects we see every day have secret features that are not so obvious. And thanks to their hidden uses those items are way more useful than you may have realized. Look at the objects around you. That cap on your soda bottle, the spare change on the table… These objects and more aren’t what they seem. For example, many people think that the hole in the middle of a pasta spoon is only there to drain hot water when you dish your spaghetti out of the pot. But its intended purpose starts before you even put the pasta in the water. If you fill this hole with dry spaghetti, it’ll be the exact amount for a single portion! Interested? Then check out these little-known but really cool facts! TIMESTAMPS:
Pots and pans 0:20
Wooden hangers 0:36
Lollipop stick 0:50
The blue side of an eraser 1:08
Bottle cap 1:25
The headrest in your car 2:06
Post-it notes 2:28
Spare change 2:51
Dental floss 3:45
Rubber gloves 4:08
Pasta spoon 4:25
Deodorant 5:16
Marshmallow 5:44
Lemon juice 6:05
Keyboard 6:35 Other videos you might like:
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