26 Eye-Opening Space Discoveries Made in 2019

Last year was full of astronomical breakthroughs and mind-blowing discoveries in space. The biggest explosion since the Big Bang was registered. The Earth had two satellites for a short while, the Moon and its little buddy. 2019 was also marked by launching a space sailboat. An ordinary water sailboat moves with the help of wind, and a space one uses light! Experts also discovered that it's possible to cultivate plants and crops on Mars and the Moon's surfaces. But one of the most interesting space facts is that there seem to be stars older than the Universe. This might be proof that not only the Big Bang is expanding the Universe! Interested? Then here are the 26 biggest discoveries and achievements in space from 2019. #spacefacts #discoveries #brightside Preview photo credit: Spiral galaxy NGC 4565, optical image: By Science Photo Library/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/25573137/i/3/t/17
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