27 Pilots’ Phrases Passengers Know Nothing About

Did you know that pilots around the world speak a secret language? Yes, they use coded words and phrases! When you accidentally catch some bits of conversation between flight attendants and pilots, and it’s like they’re speaking another language. Have you heard “zulu”, “pax,” or “gate lice” in the movies about aviation? Secret codes, abbreviations, seemingly meaningless phrases? Well, they a real. Here's one example. When most passengers hear the word "turbulence," they start to quietly (or not so quietly) panic. That's why crew members avoid saying this word when they're talking to each other. Instead, they use the term "air pocket." But it's just another word for the phenomenon that will jostle your plane up and down or from one side to the other. TIMESTAMPS:
George is flying the plane. 0:26
“Cleared for takeoff.” 0:59
Spinners 1:18
Cross-check 1:35
Jumpseat 1:59
"There’s a pilot in the jumpseat." 2:19
"We're flying through an air pocket." 2:43
Runners 3:12
Zulu time 3:49
Gate lice 4:19
Pan-pan 4:43
Tree, fower, fife, niner. 5:11
Redeye 5:35
Pink eye 5:50
Pax 6:06
Ferry flight 6:26
"Do the flight deck need anything?" 6:49
Roger and Wilco 7:06
Chimes. 7:28
Flight level 7:51
"We're just finishing some paperwork." 8:15
Final approach 8:41
Direct vs non-stop flight 9:19
"It's the final and immediate boarding call." 9:46
SOP 10:05
Bulkhead. 10:29
Area of weather 10:50 #secretlanguage #aviation #brightside Other videos you might like:
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