9-Minute Home Workout Built Men’s Muscles for 100 Years

Hey guys! Have you ever thought of how people worked out and build muscle in the 19th century? Did they go to the gyms? Well, actually in the 19th century, professional strongmen were the superheroes of the day! They could break chains, bend horseshoes, do countless one-fingered push-ups, and lift more than their body weight right over their head! And, hey, you can train yourself to become like them too! Strength training is a monotonous activity most of the time. If your body tired of the exercises you’ve been doing and demands variety, try these unusual exercises to make your workout routine more interesting. Okay, let's start with a warm-up to get your muscles ready for your strongman-style workout routine. First, grab the morning paper. Now take one sheet in each hand. Your goal is to crumple it up into balls. It only seems super easy. But really, you’re giving the muscles in your forearms a doozy of a workout! #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Warm-up 0:28
Finger Lifts 1:47
Reverse Finger Lifts 2:28
Forearm Broom Extensions 3:00
Heel and Toe Raises 3:47
Drawing Circles 4:14
Body Resistant Bicep Curls 4:43
Body Resistance Shoulder Shrugs 5:21
Deep Breathing 6:02
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