All the Planets from Inside

What's inside the Earth? The crust is a relatively thin layer that takes up only 1% of the Earth's volume. At the Earth's center, there's a core that consists of two parts: the outer and the inner core. The temperature at the boundary of our planet's inner and outer core is 10,800˚F – that's as hot as the surface of the Sun! But have you ever wondered what other planets are made of? Well, all 8 planets of our Solar System are unique and made of very different stuff! And what is inside a planet can impact what’s on the outside! So how about going on a space journey from the Sun to Neptune, the farthest planet of the Solar System? Let's check what's inside each celestial body on our way and learn some new facts about space! #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
The Sun 0:18
Mercury 1:30
Venus 2:28
Earth 3:27
Mars 4:55
Jupiter 6:02
Saturn 7:31
Uranus 8:29
Neptune 9:20 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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