Earth Had a 2nd Moon and 40 Stunning Planet Facts

In the era of the internet, anyone can find out a multitude of facts about our world. Still, there are facts about Earth and the Universe that are hard to believe in. For example, Did you know that early Earth might have been purple, not green? There's a theory that ancient microbes used molecules other than chlorophyll to absorb sunlight. These molecules likely gave living organisms a violet tint. Or have you ever heard of the second Moon? Yes, our planet once had 2 moons! One of them was a tiny thing, no larger than 750 miles across. Unfortunately, it crashed into the other moon – which is now Earth's only natural satellite. By the way, until recently, there was one more object orbiting our planet. It was a temporary mini-moon, called 2020 CD3. This tiny space rock (no bigger than 3 ft across) was pulled into our orbit more than a year ago. Astronomers believe the minimoon left Earth's orbit in March. So, we collected some amazing facts about the Earth and other planets that you have probably never even thought about. #brightside Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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