From Smallest to Largest Game Fields in the World

The oldest game in the world dates back to 3500 BCE and it means we’ve been playing games for more than 5,500 years. Let’s take a look at the game venues we use for them — from the smallest to the biggest! For example, checkers is the smallest yet the most ancient of modern games. The board is just 16 by 16 inches, with each square being 2 inches across. Next goes darts — a huge leap forward in time but not in size. The standard board is 17 inches in diameter. Basketball court is 95 by 50 ft, which you can’t cross without dribbling the ball. Soccer field dimensions can vary, but a Major League one is typically 350 ft in length and 150 ft in width. Other videos you might like:
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Checkers 0:21
Darts 0:45
Backgammon 1:03
Ping pong 1:25
Pool 1:41
Boxing 2:10
Squash 2:30
Karate 2:45
Badminton 3:02
Bowling 3:18
Beach volleyball 3:32
Tennis 3:56
Basketball 4:10
Water polo 4:29
Handball 4:53
Ice hockey 5:26
Baseball 5:42
Soccer 5:58
Rugby 6:13
Cricket 6:29
Australian football 6:47
Golf 7:40 #sports #game #brightside SUMMARY:
– Back in time to backgammon — another pretty old board game, also dating back about 5,000 years. There’s no fixed board size, but some of the biggest ones are 25 by 21 inches.
– Your normal Ping pong table measures at 107 inches long and 60 inches wide. – As for snooker table, it’s about 12 by 6 ft. – Next is a boxing ring. The whole platform is a square with a side of 307 inches, but the ring itself is smaller — just 240 inches.
– Squash is kinda like tennis but played with a wall as part of the game. – Slightly larger with more breathing space is a karate arena. The fighting square is 26 by 26 ft, but the overall area is 32 ft squared, which accommodates the referee and the added safety zone.
– Badminton court is longer but narrower than a karate arena. Its length is almost 43 ft, while it’s only 20 ft wide.
– Indoor volleyball court is a more crowded place: it’s normally 60 by 30 ft, and the teams are three times as large too, with six players on each side.
– We’re in a water polo pool, and I chose the biggest one available. It’s 100 ft long and 65 ft wide, so there’s a lot of space to swim even for two teams of seven members. – Olympic-sized pool is 165 by 80 ft. In training arenas, the length can be cut in two, and training becomes even more intense because of more frequent turning maneuvers.
– Soccer field dimensions can vary, but a Major League one is typically 350 ft in length and 150 ft in width.
– A racecourse is typically about 3,000 ft long and 1,150 ft wide. The oldest and most revered horse race is called the Derby, and is annually held in England.
– And finally, the largest field made for sports and recreation is… no, it’s not some other race track. It’s a golf course. – The title of the longest course on the planet belongs to the Australian Nullarbor Links, which stretches across the whopping 850 miles, taking in parts of both Western and Southern Australia. Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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