Guess Which Girl Is Less Smart in 29 Riddles

Hey guys! Today we’ll show you some logical riddles, and you’ll have to decide which girl is behaving least wisely, which is a nicer way of saying “she’s a Dunderhead”. You’ll have 7 seconds to decide. The riddles may award one point, two points, or three points. So, grab a piece of paper and give yourself the points each time you get it right. We’ll start with the easiest puzzles that earn one point each. If you get less than 25 points, you have a score below average. But don’t be sad, check out some of our other brainteasers to train! If you get between 26 and 40 points, you have an average score, and you’re on the right track! If you score between 41 and 55, you’re above average! And if you score 56 or more, you must be a second Einstein! Relatively speaking. 😉 #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Autumn and Hope 0:26
Ava and Olivia 0:49
Hailey and Savannah 1:20
Delaney and Leonor 1:39
Jane and Charlotte 2:02
Mckenna and Desiree 2:28
Ruby and Mary 2:52
Paige and Riley 3:26
Quinn and Sandra 3:54
Everly and Jasmine 4:16
Mia and Stella 4:44
Hannah and Lily 5:10
Kylie and Abby 5:40
Melanie and Delilah 6:00
Sophia and Brooke 6:24
Keira and Eva 6:48
Maya and Chloe 7:17
Maeve and Sarah 7:42
Bella and Ashley 8:00
Elizabeth and Kate 8:24
Ariana and Serena 8:47
Jessica and Margot 9:16
Juliet and Naya 9:46
Leah and Amelia 10:14
Becky and Alison 10:44
Evelyn and Grace 11:18
Emma and Avery 11:50
Scarlett and Emily 12:15
Ella and Madison 12:41 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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