Here’s How You’ll Look If You’re Still Evolving

Every species on the planet needs to adapt to the world around it to survive. Human beings are no exception. We didn’t exist millions of years ago. The oldest skeleton of a modern person ever found is about 196,000 years old. But even in this relatively short period of time, our species has evolved a lot. In fact, humans have never stopped evolving! At least that’s what some scientists think. And some of our traits seem to prove it. For example, about 20,000 years ago, only children could drink milk without getting an upset stomach. But then humans domesticated animals like cows and goats. Today, about a third of all the world’s population can drink milk in adulthood. In fact, this ability actually developed independently among different groups of people all over the planet. So what if our bodies are still evolving? What changes await humanity in the future? Of course, nobody can tell for sure, but the experts do have some interesting theories. #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Why humans have evolved to drink milk 0:34
Why our jaws got smaller 1:02
Why we got taller 1:43
… and why we might get shorter again 2:04
Will all people look alike? 2:34
Our brains might become larger 3:35
Humans might adapt to fast food 4:36
We’ll become a lot less hairy 5:11
Our immune system might become “lazier" 6:08
Brain implants? 7:02
Our bodies might adapt to life beyond Earth 7:22 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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