If You Get a Yellow Card on a Plane, You’re in Trouble

Airports, planes, annoying seat neighbors – traveling is stressful. Tensions rise, and sometimes you can’t help but blow off some steam. But try to stay cool! You don’t wanna get a yellow card for misbehavior, do you? The No-fly list is nothing new, but not many have heard of these so-called yellow cards. Every time you buy a ticket, you enter into a contract with the airline. It has regulations and expectations you’re supposed to abide by. So, sorry, but airlines CAN reject passengers if they feel that the person’s behavior or condition jeopardizes flight safety or order. Yes, even if you spent money on a ticket! A yellow card is basically a warning before that happens, just like in soccer. In the game, you get 2 yellow card warnings, and then it’s a red card – you’re done – you get sent off the field and banned for the rest of the match, possibly even multiple future games. But with airlines, you’ll get only ONE yellow warning, then you’re outta there! #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Be respectful to everything the crew says 2:03
Keeping passengers calm 2:46
Don’t ruin the seat or tray table 3:38
Never take your shoes off on a plane 3:59
You can’t just help yourself to an open seat 4:48
Don’t be a dingbat 5:53
Comments that could be taken as threatening 6:46
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