If You See These Lights, You Have a Few Seconds to Hide

Is it possible to predict earthquakes? In 2009, a man in L’Aquila, Italy saw flickering lights dancing above the stone street. He immediately knew what to do and moved his family to a safer place. Only seconds later, a massive 8.3 magnitude earthquake hit the whole region. His knowledge of the strange lights saved his and his family’s lives. So what are those mysterious warnings? For centuries people interpreted the lights as something otherworldly. The scientific community didn’t take them seriously, just put them down to a false recollection, a mind trick, or pure imagination. Then came the invention of photography, and more and more evidence of the earthquake lights appeared. That physical evidence wasn't as easy to dismiss as old legends were. #brightside EPISODES:
Lights appear, an earthquake hits 00:00
Sources of the lights 1:17
Theories 2:23
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