If Your Phone’s Your Alarm, Stop Yourself Now!

Watch more videos in our new App: https://bit.ly/3g9KM8j It’s been a long and difficult day, and you’re more than eager to go to bed already. You hop into your PJs, sit on the edge of your bed, take out your phone, and set an alarm for… stop right there! Don’t do that unless you want tomorrow to be as hard as today! If you set an alarm on your phone, it’ll naturally be the first thing you take into your hands in the morning. And unless your gadget is from the ‘90s and cut off from the Internet, you’re likely to browse the web. Doing that first thing, even before getting up from bed, is gonna throw your routine into disarray, and your mind too. When you browse the Internet, you let tons of information into your brain. You begin to process and react to it immediately: some of the news you see might bring you joy, others might make you sad or worried, but either way, it’s all causing you stress… So, using your phone as an alarm? Here's why you better don't do that. #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Don't use it as an alarm clock 0:17
But your phone may help you sleep better 3:54
Minimize the blue light 4:30
Don't hit that snooze button 6:11
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