No Fuel or Food, Two Pilots Survived 39 Days Lost in the Jungle

February 29th, 1932. Four German aviators took off on a trip around the world. They wanted to find companies and markets for the aviation industry, and build up profitable business relationships. The team of aviators used a small plane that could take off and land on both land and water. The men expected their journey to be full of interesting adventures, but none of them imagined that it would become a real nightmare. The team consisted of pilot Hans Bertram, his co-pilot Thom, mechanic Adolph Klausmann, and cameraman Alexander von Lagorio, who filmed their journey and planned to make a movie afterwards. The first 10 weeks of the trip were very successful. The last stop where all 4 team members were still together was Jakarta. At this point, they agreed to separate and meet again in Shanghai. Pilot Bertram and mechanic Klausmann were left alone on the plane. They flew to Australia. They planned to travel 520 miles in 6 hours. It turned into a difficult night that they would remember for the rest of their lives… So, here's the most amazing survival story imaginable. #brightside Preview photo credit: Lancaster, USA – March 24, 2018: Beechcraft F33C Bonanza on display during Los Angeles County Air Show at William J. Fox Airfield: By betto rodrigues/,
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