Nobody in This Village Can Be Taller Than 4ft But Why

Paris, New York, London… many people want to visit these cities and have an unforgettable experience. But how about a trip to one of the strangest places on Earth? To the village, for example, where only little people live? Their small houses are built of clay and stone and resemble small castles. They’re fabulous! About 100 people live in the town. No one is more than 4 feet 4 inches tall or more than 50 years old. Or have you ever heard of a city built of diamonds? At first glance – this is an ordinary European town with beautiful architecture and small, cozy streets. But if you look at the city from afar, it seems to you that it glistens in the sun. When people were building this city on the crater, they had no idea they had been building it with the precious gems… So, here's a guide to the most unusual places ib the world. #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
The Kingdom of the Little People 0:20
The wealthiest village in all of China 2:44
The town made of diamonds 3:53
Underground town 4:56
Japan's Cat Island 5:57
Village with no roads 6:24 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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