One Man Saved Passengers After the Plane Disappeared

It was Friday, February 19th, 1937. A Stinson airplane was traveling from Brisbane’s Archerfield Aerodrome to Sydney. There were 7 people on board – 5 passengers and 2 pilots. Along the way, the plane was meant to pick up some passengers in Lismore, but it never arrived. The official search centered around Newcastle and the Hawkesbury River, hundreds of miles south, where some people said they saw or heard the plane. The authorities took a statement from the postmaster in Hawkesbury. He said he’d heard the plane pass overhead just after 5 in the evening on the day it disappeared. Since he knew a lot about the aircraft, the authorities were convinced by his statement. But others believed something else. Some of them saw the blue and red Stinson plane vanishing into the clouds. After days of searching, nothing was found. At this point, a bushman called Bernard O’Reilly decided to take matters into his own hands… #brightside
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