Only One Person Lives in This Town for 16 Years

A town is a bit like a living thing, with various essential organs each doing their crucial job. It takes a lot of effort, as well as people, to maintain any town. Without these things, it could disappear. Imagine you’re the only person living in a town. To keep things running, you would have to deal with lots of routine stuff you might not have ever thought about before. Things like money, and admin duties, and lots of other complicated things you’re not used to doing. If that sounds difficult, there are actually real places just like this. 86-year-old Elsie Eiler is the only resident in the town of Monowi, Nebraska. This makes Monowi the USA’s smallest town in population terms. It was founded in 1902 when a crucial railroad finally reached the area. The population peaked in the 1930s with 150 residents. At the time, it had several grocery stores, a restaurant, and a few other services. A rusty, decaying shed now hidden among the trees used to be the town’s jail. Let's find out more about one of the strangest places in the world. #brightside EPISODES:
Monowi, Nebraska: Population 1 00:00
Gross, Nebraska: Population 2 3:11
Buford, Wyoming: Population 0 5:16
Burton, Nebraska: Population 10 6:05
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