Self-Driving Cars: 7 Pros and 7 Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-driving cars? Can autonomous cars completely replace conventional ones in the future? Experts think that self-driving cars will be more reliable than a human driver, and the number of accidents will reduce by about 90%. Also, in big cities, traffic jams will disappear when self-driving vehicles go out on the roads. By the way, self-driving cars become more reliable with each passing month — if not every day. A few years ago they couldn't stop or notice an object in the rain, but now they can "see" and move even during snowfall. It seems that self-driving cars will drive around the city perfectly with such abilities. And that's the main issue… TIMESTAMPS:
Pros of self-driving cars:
No traffic jams 0:32
No more accidents 0:49
Crime rate decrease 1:00
Best taxi in the world 1:18
Fast delivery 1:43
Perfect future 2:00
Long-distance delivery 2:19
How a self-driving car works 2:34
Cons of self-driving cars:
High price 4:02
Difficulty of development 4:17
Cybercriminals 5:01
Environmental issues 5:22
Constant surveillance 5:45
Loss of jobs 6:-5
Driving pleasure 6:18
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