Show These Optical Illusions to a Friend, You’ll Know All About Them

The brain’s 2 hemispheres — left and right — function differently, and the way you think depends on which of the sides is dominant. And there are numerous tests that can determine your thought process and personality traits. For example, tests based on misleading optical illusions are extremely popular nowadays. It's very important to pay attention to the first image you saw because you'll definitely see other images after a while. We suggest you try one of these tests, but don't take it too seriously. It won't give you a full psychological portrait of your character, but it'll provide you with some information about your personality that you should take into account. You game? Once again, the rules are simple — just remember the first thing you saw in the picture. #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Illusion #1 0:12
Illusion #2 0:31
Illusion #3 0:46
Illusion #4 1:04
Illusion #5 1:23
Illusion #6 1:44
Illusion #7 1:58
Illusion #8 2:23
Illusion #9 2:52
Illusion #10 3:15
Illusion #11 3:44
Illusion #12 4:06
Illusion #13 4:27
Illusion #14 4:49
Illusion #15 5:09
Illusion #16 5:30
Illusion #17 5:50
Illusion #18 6:08
Illusion #19 6:48
Illusion #20 7:26
Illusion #21 7:50
Illusion #22 8:17 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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