Solve 8 Riddles to Prove You’re Smarter Than Sherlock 🤯

Hey Bright Siders! Have you ever taken those typical IQ tests that rate your intelligence level? There are some other ways to find out what your inner genius can do! Get ready for a large portion of mind-blowing detective riddles to solve. Only the most attentive people can do that, so you'll need to apply all your logic skills! By the way, solving different riddles and quizzes develop critical thinking and improve memory and concentration. Do you need any further reasons to solve them all? But don't be sad if you manage to solve none of the riddles! Such exercises are incredibly useful for you in any case! #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Smart Friends 0:01
An Accident on the Yacht 1:10
Deleted Data 2:17
A Prom Mystery 3:30
Hide-and-Seek 5:01
A Prison Escape 6:14
A Desperate Millionaire 7:05
An Art Class 8:44 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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