Something Huge Is Hidden Beneath the Sahara Desert

Hey guys! If you like to learn new things about ancient people, prehistoric times, and anything connected with Earth's climate in the past, check this out. In 2010, fossilized fish was uncovered 250 miles west of the Nile river, where the Sahara Desert was as arid as ever. This chance finding led scientists to believe there could’ve been sea where the Sahara is now, so they conducted a geological survey of the area. And it yielded unexpected results: they found evidence of something huge under the sands, and it wasn’t part of any sea at all. For several months, the research continued with GPS equipment on land, and later, when all the ground data was collected, scientists took a look at the area from a satellite. The view was astounding! Actually, in this area, ancient human settlements had been found previously, and now the researchers finally had the answer as to why exactly they had chosen those spots to live. By the way, did you know that whales had once been land animals that evolved into marine ones? We’ll talk about that too! #brightside Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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