That’s Why Your Phone Doesn’t Work In Crowds

What do some French restaurants, the open sea, a small town in West Virginia and your favorite rock band concert have in common? All these are just some of the places where your cellphone won’t work for different reasons. Really! Unless you're traveling on a huge cruise ship that has its own satellite-based technology to let you stay on the grid, the open sea is mostly one massive coverage gap. Or you arrive at your favorite band’s concert you’ve been waiting for years. You take the best shot ever and … you can’t share it online. Your phone might have four or five bars, but nothing works out. Wanna know why? Other videos you might like:
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Why Phones Have to Be on Airplane Mode on a Flight TIMESTAMPS:
The open sea 0:20
Pretty much any national park 0:55
Mount Kilimanjaro 1:39
The Mariana Trench 2:14
Socotra 2:42
Green Bank, West Virginia 3:01
Digital detox resorts 3:35
Pitcairn Islands 4:24
Tikaboo Valley 4:50
At some restaurants 5:19
In a crowd 6:06
In hilly areas 7:21
Anywhere in bad weather 7:54
In a fast-moving vehicle 8:28 #smartphone #cellphone #brightside SUMMARY:
– Some countries have official laws banning cell phone tower construction within the parks’ boundaries. So don’t expect to text and call from Hoh Rainforest or Sequoia National Park.
– If you’re planning a climb on top of the famous volcanic peak in Tanzania, don't expect a stable signal all the way up. There will be black spots and places that have enough bars for texting but not data streaming.
– If some day going down the deepest trench in the world becomes a common tourist activity, you won’t be able to live stream your adventures. The water itself doesn’t let cell signal go through. – The island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean has unique alien-looking plants you won't find anywhere else but no resorts and practically no cell phone coverage. – Green Bank is a beautiful little town not so many people have ever heard of. It is located in the Radio Quiet Zone. Here, scientists are carefully listening to galaxies exploding somewhere in the universe using the world’s largest radio telescope.
– Mobile phones and laptops are officially banned within a half-mile radius of white-sand beaches at multiple Caribbean resorts. – Only one of the four Pitcairn islands is inhabited by fewer than 60 people. But even super low taxes, crystal clear water and summer all year round don’t inspire too many people to jump in – maybe it’s lack of cell phone service that’s discouraging folks. – There is just one spot with some cell phone reception and one public phone in Tikaboo Valley in Nevada. – Some restaurants charge their clients a fine for using cell phones while eating. At a café located three hours northwest from Marseille, France, phones are officially banned. – Too many phones trying to send and receive signal from nearby cell towers simply overload the network.
– Sometimes you can find yourself on the wrong side of the hill for phone reception. Even if there is a cell tower not far from your home it won't help you much if the signal is blocked by a hill or a mountain. – Have you ever noticed how bars drop during a thunderstorm? That happens because radio waves travel through the atmosphere, and when raindrops, dust particles, and ionized particles get in their way they mess up the signal.
– When you're traveling at high speed, you change your location way too fast for radio signals to move between your cell phone and the right cell tower. Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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