The Biggest, Longest, Coldest, Smallest Things in Space

What's the brightest star in the sky? What's the farthest human-made object in space? What's the smallest planet? There's a lot to wonder about space. We probably don't know all the answers but things we do know are really amazing. Tiny black holes, planets made of diamonds, stars no hotter than a cup of tea, and giant clouds of gas able to take almost any shape. In space, anything is possible. For example, there's a really hot planet made of ice! The surface temperature here should be at around 830°F, but the ice doesn’t melt because of the planet’s enormous gravity. Or did you know that theres's a huge molecular cloud not far from the center of the Milky Way? Scientists recognized more than 50 different molecules in it, but one of them is the same stuff that makes the taste of raspberries! #spacefacts #outerspace #brightside Other videos you might like:
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