There Was Another Human Species And We Met Them

What species did humans evolve from? And how many species of early humans were there? Okay, here's some useful information. Humans belong to the only group of hominins. Hominins are part of hominids — you know, like gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and we humans. Back in time, there were multiple hominin species, but all of them magically disappeared, except for humans. Have you heard about the Neanderthals? Nobody else knew about them until 1829, when one Dutch naturalist, went digging around in some caves in Germany. Neanderthals used to live there, and he found out that they were very sophisticated – unlike what most people believe. For example, they made something similar to blankets to stay warm in the cold winter. Neanderthals were the first artists as well! Let's find out more about them and other hominin species. #stoneage #neanderthals #brightside Other videos you might like:
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