Top 10 Best Movie Fights By Non-Professional Fighters

Check out our featured song: "The Silence" by Heart of Jordan! They may not be pros, but they could have fooled us! For this list, we’ll be looking at actors who went that extra mile to convince the audience they knew what they were doing all along. Our countdown includes "John Wick", “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, "Raging Bull", and more! Which movie fights by non-professional fighters impressed you the most? Be sure to leave a comment below with your favorites. Watch more great movie fight videos here: Top 20 Greatest Movie Fight Scenes of All Time: Top 10 Movie Fistfights: Top 10 Movie Street Fights: Have Your Idea Become A Video! Subscribe for more great content! Visit WatchMojo Club for Great Deals! Your trusted authority for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and entertainment news on Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes. #Fight #Movies #Actors

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