What Happens After You Flush on a Submarine

How does a submarine toilet work? And where does the human waste go on submarines? If they have any tanks, what do they do when they need more room in those tanks? Submarines can be submerged for months at a time, after all! Interesting fact: the toilet contents serve as fish food. So, humanity has explored the depths of our oceans, we’ve reached the vacuum of space! We dig underground mazes and ride trains in them! However, wherever we go, we tend to need toilets. So, how does that work when you’re in a submarine? Or down in the subway? Or floating above Earth in the ISS? TIMESTAMPS:
Subway toilets 0:30 Submarine toilet 1:47 Yacht toilet 3:47 RV toilet 4:30 Passenger train toilet 5:12 Plane toilet 6:00 Space toilet 6:40 Other videos you might like:
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