What If a Real Megalodon Suddenly Grabbed You

The megalodon is the world's most famous ancient predator. Big, dangerous, and deadly. The Meg went extinct about 3.6 million years ago…or maybe it didn't? Some people claim to have seen the giant sharks. Others believe megalodons are hiding from us deep in the ocean where people have never been, such as in the Mariana Trench. Also, people constantly find megalodon teeth. Some think it's because the giant sharks still exist, but are just trying to avoid attracting attention. So what could you do to prevent a megalodon from thinking you could be its next meal? The chance of being attacked by a shark is much less if you're in a group of people. The shark understands that attacking lots of people could be dangerous, so it will retreat peacefully. Unless it's with a group of other megalodons, of course. A megalodon can hear the vibrations in the water if there's a large number of people on the beach. But if you're alone in deep water, there's nothing to stop it from attacking you. But are there some ways to protect yourself from a megalodon attack? #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
The true size of the megalodon 0:34
Sense of smell 2:37
How can you protect yourself if it attacks you? 4:37
Does the megalodon still exist? 6:39
Real shark accidents 7:26
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