What If All Shark Species Suddenly Disappeared

The hammerhead has an incredible 360-degree vision that's called binocular. This creature's eyes are tilted forward, and their field of vision overlaps. The "Wobbegong" means "shaggy beard" in an Australian Aboriginal language. And just one look at this underwater inhabitant can explain the name choice. The viper dogfish knows how to create its own light in the deep ocean pitch-dark waters. The animal has needle-like teeth and extendible jaws – this allows it to feed on prey half its size. At first sight, all these creatures have nothing in common whatsoever. But in reality, all of them are sharks! There are more than 500 shark species in the world, and lots of them don't look as if they're related. The most fearsome predators in the ocean, sharks have been around for more than 400 million years. They have adapted to all kinds of tough conditions. Most people would probably feel more comfortable without sharks lurking in the ocean depths. So what if there were no sharks? What would the oceans look like if all of the sharks disappeared? (Spoiler: That would turn into a disaster for our planet.) #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Sharks aren't as bad as they're pictured 1:40
What do they eat? 2:04
What happened in North Carolina 4:32
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