What If Megalodon Met Giant Sea Dinosaur Mosasaurus

Megalodon became extinct 3 million years ago but is still considered the largest and most dangerous predator in the ocean. We can only guess at the real size of megalodon. The only remains found of this ancient shark are teeth and vertebrae. But with the help of calculations and computer modeling, scientists have concluded that its length could be about 50 feet! It’s like a New York City subway car! The size of the Mosasaurus also remains a subject of discussion, but it’s believed that the average length of this monster was about 36 feet. That’s the size of a school bus! But in 2016, scientists found the largest Mosasaurus ever. Its length was 59 feet! Compare this to the tallest person ever: 8 feet. Mosasaurus is seven times larger! So what if Megalodon comes face to face with Mosasaurus? Who would win? #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Size 0:47
Weight 1:55
Speed and agility 2:41
Fighting instruments 4:02
Combat skills 5:36
Bonus round 7:12
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