What If Robots Started to Replace People

Until recently, robots were something we considered to be science fiction and something we'd never really come across in our lives. Today, we're seeing the appearance of robots more and more. In many large companies, robots have already replaced people. Packaging bots collect boxes for delivery. They speak with you on the phone instead of a human operator. There are restaurants in some countries where robots take your order, serve food, and pour your coffee as waiters. In Japan, for a while, there was a hotel where the concierge, administrator, and cleaner were robots. But the hotel owner had to" fire" them because they couldn’t cope with their duties. Artificial intelligence can write an article on scientific and technical topics, but doesn't know what irony or sarcasm is. Neural networks can process photos, videos, and sounds, and help move technological progress forward. But can robots completely replace human beings? And what if robots lived among us? #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
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