What If the Big Bang Didn’t Start the Universe

Think about it. If everything started with a Big Bang, what was before that? How big is our universe if it keeps expanding? Will it ever stop? There’s so little we know about the endlessness of space… but scientists do have some incredible theories! A mere hundred years ago, though, people believed the cosmos consists entirely of one galaxy — our own Milky Way. Scientists didn’t know the age of the universe or that we live in just one tiny piece of it. The first person to notice that our galaxy has friends — countless other galaxies and interstellar clouds — was Edwin Hubble. He found that some objects are too far away to be in our Milky Way. He later discovered that the greater the distance from Earth, the faster a galaxy moves away from us! It means our universe is constantly expanding. But where did this expansion start? #space #spacefacts #brightside Other videos you might like:
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