When Your Dog’s Tail Turns to the Left, Run Away With Your Pet

How to understand what your dog wants? Do you know what your pet is trying to tell you in different situations? Dogs may be our best friend, but when it comes to communication, we’re more like neighbors, three doors down. Understanding a dog’s body language is essential for building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your four-legged friend. This is really important because dogs are a source of limitless positivity! Besides, sometimes, they’re trying to warn you of something! So, these useful clues will help you understand your pet or any other dog. TIMESTAMPS:
Sneezing and yawning 0:21
High and stiff tail 0:49
Tongue flicking 1:14
Tilting their head 1:41
Digging 2:08
Eye contact 2:37
Drooping ears 2:58
Bringing you things 3:23
Wagging their tail to the left or right 3:56
Wagging back and forth 4:22
Destructive chewing 4:44
Touching you 5:09
Whimpering 5:29
Constant kisses! 5:54
Scooting across the floor 6:14
Tearing furniture 6:37
Limp tail 7:01
Curled tails 7:25
Tail chasing 7:45
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