Why Megalodon Would Fear Dolphins Today

Both of these animals live in the water. Other than that, there's little in common between them. A smaller one is a warm-blooded mammal, highly intelligent, and curious. Its long, streamlined body is usually either blue or gray, but there are also brown and even pink species. Ranging in size from 6 to 30 ft long, dolphins don't weigh more than 11 tons. Their slippery hairless skin – that feels rubbery to the touch – is probably their most famous feature. The other animal is a notorious pre-historic predator. Growing about 60 ft long, it weighed almost 5 times more than the largest dolphin. Its size, huge serrated teeth, and incredible speed – that's what made the meg the most feared creature in the ocean 23 to 3 and a half million years ago. So, the question is: who would you rather meet while swimming in the ocean, a dolphin or a megalodon? In comparison with the sharp-toothed monster, dolphins look cute and totally harmless. But is it really? Who would win, a shark or a dolphin? #brightside TIMESTAMPS:
Are dolphins dangerous? 1:13
Why sharks are afraid of them 4:33
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