Why Planes Get Water Salutes And Other Pilot Traditions Explained

Ever seen an airplane going through an arch of water between two fire trucks at the airport? I’d assume the aircraft is just getting a nice cleaning. But wait, why would they use firetrucks to wash an airplane? The short answer is, they don’t! Sometimes, on very special occasions, a usually even number of firetrucks equipped with water cannons line up at the airport to greet an airplane that just landed. This “water salute” is quite a beautiful display. Let’s find out why it’s organized every now and then. Other videos you might like:
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https://youtu.be/5S2_Plu0e2M TIMESTAMPS:
The history of the tradition 0:45
On what occasions do they do it 1:32
Who organizes it 2:30
Other aviation traditions: cutting the shirttail after the first solo flight 3:29
Grabbing a “$100 hamburger” 4:26
Pancake breakfast fly-ins 5:10
Pre-flight rituals 5:35
No pictures outside of the plane before the flight 6:13
Never pointing at the sky before take-off 6:52
Touching the nose of the plane 7:34
Rubbing the seatbelt light before turning it on 8:03 #pilottraditions #watersalute #brightside SUMMARY:
-Many years ago, ocean liners setting off on their first trip overseas would get showered with water cannons from fireboats and tugs.
-Water salutes are arranged to say good-bye to retiring pilots, to celebrate a new destination in the route network, to welcome a new airline to a certain airport, and to greet a plane carrying the winning national team during major sporting events like the Olympics.
-To organize a water salute, the rescue department works together with air traffic control, which gives them the exact landing time and taxiway for the flight.
-After the first solo flight, the new pilot taxies to the ramp, where their instructor is waiting to cut the tail out of their shirt.
-In pilot slang, a “hundred-dollar hamburger” means an excuse to fly somewhere for the thrill of it.
-Pilots get together at fly-ins to discuss their air adventures, fly around together, and compete in spot landing.
-Personal rituals might include listening to the same music or having the same meal. Comfort food works the same for pilots as it does for the rest of us.
-Many pilots would rather give the journalist their cap and let them take their seat for a picture than actually be in that picture themselves before the flight.
-Many pilots never point at the sky before going up since they believe it can bring bad weather.
-Not only pilots but also passengers touch the plane’s nose as a little “thank you” or “please get us there safely” ritual.
-Before they turn on the Fasten Seatbelts sign, pilots secretly rub it a little in hopes that the turbulence will pass and there will be no need to push the button. Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ Preview photo credit: Deicing of the Lufthansa plane before take off on December 6, 2011 in Hamburg, Germany: By Travelview/Shutterstock.com, https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hamburg-germany-december-6-deicing-lufthansa-90414586
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