Why Public Toilets May Not Have Seats

Do you feel like royalty? Well, there is the throne on which most of us sit every day, in the temple of calm and tranquility. Yes, it’s the toilet. It's believed that a person spends two months to three years of their life on the toilet. It's not a little, come to think of it. So let's look at some facts about the most sacred place in the house. Yep, there are a lot of interesting toilet facts you might not know! For example, the Hang Fung Gold Toilet is the most expensive toilet on Earth. It costs $5 million, and it's made out of solid, 24-carat gold. It works, but nobody has ever used it. But there is a toilet more expensive outside the Earth. The ISS has a toilet worth $19 million! You need to strap yourself to the seat to use it. Yeah, no gravity. Then how does it work? #toilet #amazingfacts #brightside Other videos you might like:
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