You See It Everyday But Didn’t Know Its Name

Surprisingly, there are some things that we see every day yet we don’t know the names for them. We didn’t know that some of these things even have names! For an instance, can you name that set of random symbols you see in cartoons and comics when a character says something mean? It's called a grawlix. Or imagine that you run into someone whose face seems awfully familiar. It takes a moment before you can remember their name, but you didn’t completely forget it. That moment of hesitation is called a tartle. When you can’t get a catchy song out of your head no matter how hard you try, you surely have yourself an earworm. The infinity symbol that looks like an 8 on its side is a lemniscate. And if you search your name on Google and find some other person in the top results, you’ve just met your Googleganger! Too many new fancy words to remember? Your glabella must be wrinkled right now. Yeah, that’s the name for that space between your eyebrows that shows your confusion. So, here are some everyday items you didn't know had an official name. #brightside Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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