You Thought You Knew How Big These Objects Were But You Were Wrong

The Great Pyramid at Giza is twice the volume of the Houston Astrodome, a gigantic multi-purpose domed sports stadium. The largest American flag is one and a half football fields long and an entire football field wide. Each star on the flag is 17 ft high! The largest creature that's ever taken flight on our planet weighed more than a piano. And its wings were longer than 6 queen-size beds! We're keeping to amaze you with interesting facts about this world. Today we're going to talk about the biggest things on Earth. Do you know, for example, what's the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall? Or which plane can hold 50 cars? Or that there's a haul truck that can carry the weight equal to more than two fully grown blue whales? The average person wouldn't even reach the top of a vehicle's huge wheel. The giant's almost twice as tall as a giraffe! Let's measure and compare the real sizes of different objects. Some of these cool facts will definitely impress you. #brightside EPISODES:
Vacuum chamber 00:00
The largest rodent 0:16
Earth 0:27
The largest American flag 0:41
The harpy eagle talons 0:58
Power Station 1:14
A newborn kitten 1:26
The largest cave 1:40
Butterfly 1:54
The Great Pyramid of Giza 2:12
The blue whale 2:27
The anglerfish 2:48
The wombat 3:07
The largest flying creature ever 3:22
Snail 3:37
Waterfall 3:51
Antonov An-225 airplane 4:04
A billion vs. a million 4:27
A hanging traffic light 4:47
The Titanic 5:00
A road sign 5:18
A wind turbine blade 5:28
A comet 5:41
The Lion's Mane jellyfish 5:54 BelAZ truck 6:09
Saltwater crocodile 6:24
The Moon 6:38
The Solar System 6:50 Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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