Psych2Go Music (ft. PsychToon & AirahTea) – Breathe by Lee Hi (English Cover)

Psych2Go welcomes back AirahTea, this time with her official English cover of "Breathe" (한숨) by Lee Hi, accompanied by PsychToon's animation video. In addition to providing informational videos on psychology and mental health, Psych2Go continues to expand on other possible content for your enjoyment and well being. While different than our usual content, we hope you enjoy this collaboration as we continue working on providing you with digestible psychological content. —– 심리툰 PsychToon —–
Operated by a psychology major, PsychToon is a formal collaborator with Psych2Go as a Korean dubbing channel. In addition, PsychToon produces animation videos to make learning about psychology and mental health a little more fun. Other videos on their channel are based on psychological literature, psychological stability, and psychological-enhancing music. PsychToon's Channel:
PsychToon's Relaxing Music Playlist: —– AirahTea —–
Previously invited onto the channel for a singing live stream, Airah's channel focuses on creating English covers from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese songs with a primary focus on anime. AirahTea's Channel:
Previous Live Stream on Psych2Go: Credits:
Animation/Art: 심리툰 PsychToon
Vocals/Captions: AirahTea
English Lyrics: impaofsweden
Music: ZZang KARAOKE Would you like to us to invite more guests on the show? Email us at

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