15 Women Who Never Received The Credit They Deserved In History

There were MANY great women throughout the history of the world. Unfortunately, many of them never received the credit that they deserved. I apologize for not being able to list them all here.

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    Rosalind Franklin Discovered the Double Helix.

    Franklin, a British biophysicist who had honed a technique to closely observe molecules using X-ray diffraction, was the first to capture a photographic image of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, known as Photo 51. An estranged male colleague of Franklin's at King's College showed her photograph to competitors Watson and Crick, without her permission. Photo 51 became crucial in shaping their thesis, but it would take Watson 40 years to admit this publicly. Franklin, known as the "dark lady of DNA," shifted her focus to the study of RNA, and made important strides before her death from cancer in 1958, four years before Watson and Crick received the Nobel.

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