5 Things That You Probably Shared With Facebook And Shouldn’t Have

Facebook is a social media platform and it is meant for you to share your life with family and friends. Chances are you have one of those family or friends on your list that tends to share a bit too much.

Here are 5 crucial pieces of information that you are sharing with Facebook that you shouldn’t be:

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    Your Phone Number

    When you add your number to Facebook it becomes searchable. People can enter your phone number in any search engine and locate your Facebook page. At this point you are probably thinking what’s the chance that someone would guess your phone number. Keep reading and prepared to be blown away.

    A guy by the name Reza Moaiandin, wrote a program to generate every possible number in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and was able to gain access to millions of profiles that had incorrect privacy settings. If Mr. Moaiandin was a bad guy he could have turned around and sold the information on the black market to hackers and made a ton of money.

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