5 Things That You Probably Shared With Facebook And Shouldn’t Have

Facebook is a social media platform and it is meant for you to share your life with family and friends. Chances are you have one of those family or friends on your list that tends to share a bit too much.

Here are 5 crucial pieces of information that you are sharing with Facebook that you shouldn’t be:

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    Your Home Address

    Never under any circumstances post your actual home address. I have even seen people without thinking take pictures in front of their home with the address in plain site. Without knowing they shared pictures of their vacation. Savvy criminals see this as an opportunity and you will find yourself coming home from an awesome vacation to an empty house. 

Sure you probably think this would never happen to you. Do a Google search and see how many others thought the exact same thing. I to post pictures of my vacations, but I post them once I am back home.

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