5 Whores Who Changed History - Seriously

This top 5 list will forever change the way you think when you here the word whore.

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    The Empress Theodora

    Most people who paid attention during history class has heard of the name Theodora. She was the wife and “co-ruler” of the great Justinian, the most lauded ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire. What you probably didn’t learn in history class is that Theodora wasn’t born an Empress.

    Theodora’s father died, this left her, her mother and two sisters broke and homeless. Hard up for money, Theodora’s mother put her daughters on the street to joint the other prostitutes.

    During this time poor women had very few options. They either became entertainers who sang and danced, or they became prostitutes. Well, Theodora couldn’t sing or dance, sooooo - prostitution it was.

    The historian of the time by the name of Procopius was quoted as saying that, “Theodora gave her youth to anyone she met, in utter abandonment.” In laymen terms this meant that she let men have more turns than a door knob.

    In other writings by Procopius he mentioned things like Theodora having sex with up to 30 men at the same time. The status of the man made no difference to Theodora she had sex with everyone from royalty to slaves.

    Eventually Theodor landed a man that she wanted more than just a one night stand with. As “luck” would have it this man was Emperor Justinian. She eventually became his co-ruler and was looked at by the people as being an equal partner in the ruling of the Empire.

    During her years at the top, the scarlet-woman-turned-Empress cracked down on forced prostitution, made rape punishable by death and helped establish basic property rights for women across the Eastern Empire. Despite her lofty status, Theodora never forgot her humble roots. She was considered a friend to the poor, and one of the greatest women's rights reformers in history.

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