7 Best Cheating Stories Shared Online

Thanks to the internet, cheating has gone to a whole new level. We have compiled some of the best cheating stories online and shared them with you.

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    Accidentally Busted Cheating

    I work at a call center for an online travel company.
    First call this morning was from a woman claiming that there was a fraudulent charge on her account from our company. She supplied the credit card number and I was able to pull up two round-trip tickets purchased a week ago. They were going to a casino for the weekend, and this was the first his wife had heard of it.

    She said he denied making the purchase and had no idea what it could have been for. Once she realized what was happening, she blurted out a name that matched the name on the ticket. Apparently there was some history, because she was able to identify who he was taking on the trip without me saying.

    The icing on this scumbag cupcake is that he posted a review for the trip in our system. He said that he didn't take the trip yet, but was excited to spend the weekend celebrating his new love's birthday at the casino. I couldn't tell this to the woman on the phone... she was already incensed and did the best she could to be polite as we ended the conversation.

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