7 Black Comic Heros That You May Not Know

Coming up with names of some of the black comic superheroes was easy. However, trying to find images online, of some of them was another challenge all together.

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    Publisher: Image Comics

    Created by: Todd McFarlane

    1st appearance: Spawn #1 (may 1992)

    Notes: Spawn is the longest running comic with a black lead, he was protagonist in the Spawn comic for 185 issues. It’s one of the most successful Black lead comics of all time.

    Real Name: Al Simmons

    Aliases: Albert Francis Simmons, Lt. Colonel Al Simmons, Al Simmons, The One, Spawn X, Hellspawn, Ipsissimus, Ken Kurosawa, Omega Spawn, Divine Spawn, Spawny

    Nationality: American

    Team Affiliations: None

    Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

    Weight: 234 lbs Height: 6’2

    Eyes: Brown Hair: Bald

    Relatives: Wanda Fitzgerald (wife), Morena (daughter), Henry Simmons and Alma (Ancestors), Little Richie (Brother), Marc Simmons (Brother), Bernard Simmons (Father), Mrs. Esther Simmons (Mother)

    Skills and Abilities: He has extensive training from the C.I.A, military and as an assassin.

    Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance, Immortality, Flight, Magical abilities, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Regenerative healing factor, Necroplasmic energy blasts, Resurrection, Empathy, Wears living symbiotic costume capable of evolving.

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