7 Black Comic Heros That You May Not Know

Coming up with names of some of the black comic superheroes was easy. However, trying to find images online, of some of them was another challenge all together.

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    Aliyah Bishop

    Publisher: Marvel Comics

    Created by Chris Claremont and Sean Chen

    1st appearance: X-Men: The End: Book 1: Dreamers & Demons #1, 2004

    Height: 5’5″     Weight: 110 lbs

    Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

    Known Relatives:  [Maternal] T’Korr and Vitana (Ancestors, deceased), Unamed Grandparents (deceased), Lilandra (Aunt, deceased), Adam X-Treme  (Cousin, status unknown), White Noise  and Black Light  (1/2 siblings, status unknown) Alanna (Alternate reality, cousin),  Professor X  (Uncle deceased), Deathbird (Mother, deceased)

    [Paternal] Bishop (Father), Shard (Aunt, deceased), Gateway (Great Grandfather), Burnum (Grandfather, deceased), Kadee (Grandmother, deceased)

    Powers: Being a hybrid she had an enhanced physiology. While not explicitly stated in her appearance while asleep she projected a hologram of her dreams suggesting she had unspecified or undeveloped light based powers.

    Technology: Aliyah uses artificial wings to accomplish flight and gun based plasma blasters in combat. She also has command of a shiar class battle ship.

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