Beyonce and Jay Z Gets Convicted From Their Los Angeles Home

America’s power couple Beyonce and Jay Z are being kicked out of their Los Angeles home. TMZ was the gossip tabloid that first broke the news on TMZ Live. According to TMZ the couple was forced out of their 16,000 square foot Holybly Hills rental overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

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    Moving Day Is Almost Here - What Will Bae & Jay Do?

    The couple was paying $150K a month rental because the couple couldn’t afford to pay the $45 million original asking price. This seemed a bit strange to me since both of their net worths are well over $100 million each.

    Either way, some one did put up the cash to buy their rental, and to make matters worse they got it for a cool, $35.5 million.

    The couple was given 60 days to pack their things and vacate the property.

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but I have been in the unfortunate position of being evicted. Obviously, I wasn’t kicked out of anything as nice as their home. The whole experience for me was horrible, and I vowed to never put myself in that situation again.

    The 7 bedroom, 9 bath home at 438 North Faring Road boasts an infinity pool, two libraries, a home theater, and a grass tennis court. I’m sure they will miss the spectacular amenities.

    On another note, the savvy real estate business by the name of Curbed LA saw Beyonce and Jay Z’s misfortune as a great opportunity. They put together a list of similar dwellings in the Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Holmby Hills area for the couple to consider renting.

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