Pokémon GO: 15 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Developers Don't Want You To Know

Your Pokéballs keep missing? They will not after this.

Chances are you have gotten your grubby little hands on Pokémon GO (earlier than the rest of us if you have an Android), you've done a little dance after finding a Charmander in your living room, and now you're off into the big, bad world, seeing what else you can find.

Bodies of water are packed full of water Pokémon, gyms can levelled up and fought against (or for), venturing further and further away from your starting point only garners fancier monsters - all in all, it's a good day's Poké-hunting.

The only thing is... Pokémon GO is a fully-fledged Nintendo product, and as longtime fans can attest, the company is notorious for packing their games with far more than meets the eye.

As such, you'll need all the help you can get if you're going to be the very best, like no one ever before you...

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    The Meaning of the Footprints

    Although it might look like these denote popularity as you'll occasionally see more footprints nearer basic Pokémon, instead they're representative of distance.

    See, when you boot up Pokémon GO, the game takes note of your position in the real world using GPS. These footprint icons dictate a radius from that start point, so three footprints would be around 300 metres from where you are, two is 200 and one is 100 and less.

    It doesn't matter which direction you walk in, as you're only dealing with a radius from said starting point. You'll notice the 'Nearby' window fluctuate and change as you go, with the icons next to specific Pokémon 'counting down' as you get closer to where they are.

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