5 uncommon allergies

1. Money

Sometimes occurring days after handling coins, it’s possible for money to trigger a response. This is a nickel allergy. Sufferers may also need to limit contact with jewellery, door handles and some metal accessories.

2. Water

This rare condition, called aquagenic urticaria, gives sufferers an itchy rash when water touches their skin. With water being essential to life and with no effective treatment, water allergies can only be soothed with medical creams.

3. Vibrations

Vibratory urticaria is a condition which makes someone respond to any vibrating movement with rashes, headaches and face flushes.

4. Exercise

Although people joke about being allergic to exercise, for some it’s a reality. This ranges in severity, but rigorous movement can bring on anaphylaxis in some. In these cases any form of exercise shouldn’t be carried out alone, and medical supplies need to be at hand.

5. Human touch

If you have dermographism, your body’s reaction to touch can be so instant that you could write on your skin with just the light touch of your own finger. The exact cause isn’t known, and so there is currently little treatment available. 

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