Military animals

Following the devastation that rained upon Pearl Harbour in 1941, plans to find new and frankly, bizarre ways to retaliate began to emerge from the US. One such military oddity came in the form of weaponised bats. Strapping small incendiary bombs to captured Mexican free-tailed bats, military researchers postulated that these small winged mammals could be deployed over Japan and descend into the nooks and crannies of their buildings. Once roosting, the incendiary bombs would be detonated, causing mass destruction across the country. In order to drop the bats into Japan, a crudely constructed cylindrical chamber, holding around a thousand bats, would be launched by army aircraft, breaking apart before reaching the ground and releasing them. Known as Project
X-Ray, this animal exploitation was short lived. During a test run of the collapsible chamber, captured bats escaped and fled into a mock military hanger. Due to the automatic 30-minute detonation following release, both the bats and their bomb accessories exploded, burning the hanger to the ground. The evident security risk the bat bombs posed along with a growing focus on the development of the atomic bomb meant that R&D has its bat bomb project cancelled.

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