What are implantable contact lenses?

Being able to see our surroundings clearly enhances our lives and determines what we can do. For most it is a necessity, improving safety and allowing independence in daily activities. Some people are blessed with perfect vision, taking for granted the ability to see well naturally. It can be something of an inconvenience and a daily reminder of poor vision when the first act of every morning is to fumble for your glasses just to see the end of your bed. So what if there was a way to emulate the eyesight you wish you had permanently?

Would you consider a surgical implant to achieve this? One option considered by many are implantable contact lenses. These invisible aids are mainly an option for those who suffer from myopia – meaning they are short-sighted. Sitting inside your eyes, they provide people with constant high-quality sight.

Called Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL), they work next to your eyes’ natural crystalline lenses to bend light rays onto the retina. In doing this, images presented in daily life become clearer. Wearers don’t feel the embedded lenses against the eyelid as they would when wearing temporary and removable contacts.

Over 50 years since the manufacture of the first modern contact lenses began, these convenient optical aids and their applications continue to develop, allowing millions of people to retain their sight when nature has failed them.

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